Seating & Transfer Solutions

Key Mobility Services offers solutions to accessing vehicles so you are no longer twisting, turning or climbing in and out of your vehicle. We offer a variety of transfer seats for trucks, vans, and SUV’S.

The Valet®

The Bruno Valet®

The Valet seat comes in three different models, Valet, Valet Plus, and Valet Limited. The valet seat is a fully powered seat that swivels you from inside the vehicle and lowers you down towards the ground for safe transfer height. The Valet application does not use the factory seat, this will be removed and a new seat is installed to match your vehicle’s interior. The factory seat can be re-installed without harming your vehicle or resale value.

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XL Base

Adapt Solutions XL Base

The Adapt Solutions XL Base is similar to the Bruno Valet seat but this application uses the factory seat. The XL-Base will swivel you out from your vehicle and lower you towards the ground.

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B&D Transfer Seat

B&D Transfer Seat

The B&D Transfer seat is a six-way fully automatic system that allows you to swivel 90 degrees with one push of a button. The height can easily be adjusted to fit any passenger. Rotation, front and rear travel and height adjustments give the passenger greater flexibility when entering and exiting the seat. These transfer seats can only be installed in a lowered floor conversion minivan or raised roof converted full size van.

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